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The Audeley Family

In the bustling social milieu of London, the Audeley family, newcomers to the distinguished circles of the ton, have rapidly ascended in esteem and affection. The family's story begins with a serendipitous meeting between the industrious Mr. Benedict Audeley, a physician of rising repute, and the genteel Miss Liliana Huang, during her visit to an aunt in the city. 

Miss Huang, with her sharp intellect and charming manners, quickly captured the heart of Mr. Audeley, whose noble ambitions in medicine resonated deeply with her own altruistic nature. Their courtship, swift and tender, culminated in a marriage that soon positioned them as beloved figures within high society, their home a hub of both medical consultation and social gatherings.

Thus, the Audeley family, though new to the echelons of high society, have woven themselves into the fabric of the ton with grace and vigor. Their blend of charm, ambition, and benevolence endears them to all, their presence a balm to those they encounter both in the ballrooms of London and in the quieter moments of medical care.

Maximilian Audeley

September 7, 1777
The eldest of the Audeley progeny, Maximilian Audeley, mirrors the vigor and discipline of his father’s military acquaintances. Known among the ton for his stern yet just nature, Maximilian is a figure of ambition and loyalty. As the eldest, he takes his responsibilities seriously, often shepherding his younger siblings with a firm but loving hand. His passion for the military and the theater makes him a well-rounded gentleman, one who finds as much pleasure in the strategic discussions at his clubs as in the dramatic performances of the London stages. His favorite show: Bombastes Furiouso, a tragic opera.

Alexander Audeley

February 16, 1790
Alexander, the elder of the twins by mere minutes, presents a stark contrast with his rough, charming demeanor. Known for his brazen spirit and love of horse racing, Alexander often finds himself in the thick of adventure, much to the amusement and sometimes dismay of the ton. He is often found gambling, boxing, or racing whichever gentleman should challenge him next. Despite his tendency to tease and occasionally dominate his younger siblings, the bonds of familial love remain strong, the siblings quick to defend him against any societal censure.

Augustus Audeley

February 16, 1790
Augustus, the younger twin, takes after his father in industriousness. Having pursued medical studies at Oxford, he now aids his parents in their practice, earning the adoration of many a young lady in society with his genteel manners and genuine concern for his patients. Augustus is also a favorite on the dance floor, his charm and grace making him a sought-after partner at balls and soirées. Despite his busy schedule, he maintains close ties with his family, ensuring to partake in family dinners to share in their collective joys and challenges.

Esther Audeley

October 12, 1796
The birth of Esther Audeley fulfilled Mrs. Audeley’s longing for a daughter. Esther, with her shy and artistic nature, has flourished under the gentle guidance of her family. Most of her family encouraged her to explore her artistic talents, leading to exquisite paintings that adorn their home. With a steady hand, Esther is capable of painting beautiful, delicate paintings of roses, inspired by the gardens around London. It is with Augustus that she shares a special connection, delighting in the moments he dedicates to teaching her aspects of medicine.

May Audeley

October 2, 1794
Mary, the youngest Audeley, is the family’s delight, her bright and inquisitive nature bringing joy to all. A lover of literature and confectionery, she spends her days blissfully in the garden, often accompanied by a book and a sweet treat. Her relationships with her siblings are uniquely tender; she is Maximilian’s companion at the theater, Alexander’s ardent supporter at the races, a helpful assistant to Augustus in his medical rounds, and a constant participant in Esther’s artistic endeavors. Her evenings are often spent reading to her father, a cherished ritual sweetened by the treats he provides.

The Beresford Family

In the elegant social circles of London, the Beresford family holds a distinguished yet unassuming place. While not in posession of a vast fortune, the Beresfords are celebrated for their affable dispositions and the genuine warmth with which they engage their fellow members of the ton.

Lady Leona Beresford, renowned for her lively spirit and clever conversation, is the admired hostess of exquisite garden tea parties each spring in Brompton Square. Her husband, Viscount Ewan Beresford, with his hearty laugh and open-handed generosity, is the very model of a devoted family man, delighting in the happiness and comfort of his wife and children.

Thus, the Beresford family, with their convivial nature and generous spirit, remain favorites within the ton, their presence a common and welcome sight at London’s many gatherings. Their blend of charm, kindness, and spirited engagement with life ensures their esteemed place in the social fabric of the city.
The Honourable

Dorothea Beresford

August 7, 1786
Dorothea, the eldest Beresford child, has earned the affectionate moniker "the Lily of London" due to her striking beauty and grace. Every year on her birthday, dozens of bouquets of lilies are sent to the Beresford house by her friends and admirers. Lady Leona, recognizing the fleeting joys of youth, prudently postponed Dorothea's formal introduction to society, allowing her a prolongation of her childhood's carefree days. This delay allowed Dorothea to grow and feel comfortable with herself by the time of her debut. Dorothea and her mother share a special bond, not least because of their striking resemblance to each other. She is often the advocate for her younger sisters, Dorothy and Delilah, in familial matters, and she strives to set a good example for her them at all times.
The Honourable Lieutenant

Leonard Beresford

April 28, 1788
Leonard, following the path of his esteemed father, has embraced a military life with zeal. A lieutenant in the cavalry, his passion for horsemanship is well known in the vicinity, as evidenced by his frequent rides on his noble steed, Erus, eschewing the carriage for the freedom of the saddle. Leonard's fondness for his siblings is profound, yet it is with Delilah, the youngest, that he shares an especially close connection, having fostered her love of literature through countless bedtime stories. Now grown, they continue to share and discuss their reading adventures, strengthening their bond over shared tales and literary discussions. Leonard also has a fondness for chess and whist, rarely refusing an opportunity to engage in either game at a gathering.
The Honourable

Dorothy Beresford

January 20, 1790
Dorothy, the family's social butterfly, is ever present at balls, tea parties, and book clubs, her lively spirit ensuring her participation in the myriad festivities of the ton. She is particularly attentive to the inclusion and comfort of her younger siblings, Edwin and Delilah, often acting as their champion and protector. Her vibrant personality and staunch loyalty to her family endear her to all, making her a beloved figure in social circles. It also helps that Dorothy never seems to have a poor opinion of anybody or anything!
The Honourable

Edwin Beresford

February 12, 1791
Edwin, though more reserved than his siblings, charms with his thoughtful and articulate speech when he chooses to converse. An avid reader, he is seldom seen without a book, even at the most glittering social events, ready to engage in literary discourse with any willing participant. His courteous demeanor and gallant conduct have made him a particular favorite among the matrons of the ton, who regard him as a paragon of gentlemanly virtue.
The Honourable

Delilah Beresford

November 5, 1793
Delilah, the youngest of the Beresford clan, enjoys the fervent affection of her family. Cherished and nurtured in a loving home, she nonetheless treasures her moments of solitude, whether riding in the cool of the evening or ensconced with a book in her mother’s library. Her bond with her brothers, founded on a mutual love of reading, is complemented by her admiration for her sisters’ social graces. Known for her directness and quick wit, Delilah is appreciated for her refreshing honesty and astute observations by all who make her acquaintance.

The Boothe Family

In the heart of London’s aristocracy, the Boothe family stands prominent, led by the gracious Georgiana Boothe, the Countess of Windermere. Following the untimely death of her husband, Robert, the title of Earl passed to their eldest son, Everard Boothe, a gentle soul with a retiring nature.

Together, under the watchful eye of their mother, the Boothes navigate the complexities of high society, their individual strengths and challenges weaving a rich, interconnected family story of love, duty, and social standing.
The Right Honorable Earl Beresford

Everard Boothe

January 18, 1769
Everard, a gentleman of amiable and somewhat reserved nature, serves with distinction as a Captain in the 12th Light Dragoons. Though he finds the art of the dance enchanting and engages in it with a pleasing modesty, his acquaintance with the fairer sex remains, alas, limited to his sisters, with whom he shares a bond of tender affection. Thrust into the role of family head at just nineteen, he continues his military duties while his younger brother, Gerard, manages the family's domestic affairs.

Gerard Boothe

July 12, 1775
Gerard Boothe, stepping into the role of family overseer in Everard’s frequent absences, has grown up faster than most. With a bit of a stern streak, he manages the estate and cares deeply for his siblings, especially his sisters Diana and Letitia, overseeing their well-being with a protective eye. A skilled horseman, Gerard finds solace and excitement at the racetrack, often winning bets with his expert knowledge. Despite his popularity at social events and his success with the ladies, Gerard remains single, his duties at home taking precedence over his personal life.

Diana Boothe

May 3, 1788
Miss Diana Boothe is a young lady of radiant sociability, whose prowess on the harp and melodious voice make her the darling of every assembly. Favored slightly over her sister Letitia in matters of popularity, Diana nevertheless champions her sister’s cause with a loyalty fierce and unwavering. She is a unifying force within the Boothe household, constantly arranging family gatherings and ensuring that the bond between the siblings remains strong. She is indeed the linchpin of the Boothe household, her spirit a beacon of familial love and unity.

Letitia Boothe

November 1, 1791
Letitia, three years younger than Diana, contrasts her sister with her quiet demeanor and sharp wit. Esteemed for her linguistic prowess and her love of literature, she navigates the salons of London with a quiet confidence, her humor and beauty casting a gentle glow that, though understated, does not escape the notice of discerning eyes. A devotee of romantic tales, she spends her afternoons ensconced beneath her favorite tree in the pleasure gardens, a book her most constant companion.

Redmund Boothe

July 29, 1792
The youngest, Redmund Boothe, stands out not just for his youth but for his height and charm. Known for his polite and engaging manner, Redmund is often seen accompanying young ladies at social events, where his singing and dancing make him particularly popular. His close relationship with Diana, with whom he shares musical interests, often leads to delightful evening performances that entertain and endear the family to their myriad of guests.

The Savile Family

In the esteemed echelons of London's high society, the Savile family shines as a beacon of grace and beauty, under the formidable yet enchanting stewardship of the Dowager Duchess Benedetta Savile. Her husband, the Duke of Fairhaven, met with a mysterious fate at sea, leaving her to navigate the waters of the ton with her brood of lovely children. The duchess, herself a talented opera singer and savvy businesswoman, instills in her family a fervent appreciation for the arts, contributing to their allure among the elite.

Thus, the Savile family holds a distinguished place in London's aristocracy, their Italian heritage and striking features setting them apart as much as their cultural contributions.
Duke of Fairhaven

Bartolommeo Savile

February 20, 1787
The current Duke, Bartolommeo Savile, embodies the quintessential gentleman of his time. Known for his amiable nature and intellectual pursuits, he is as comfortable discussing the nuances of political philosophy as he is in his nightly enjoyment of a fine port. His sartorial elegance is a testament to his respect for the family name, and his generosity extends particularly to his younger sisters, for whom he procures exquisite gifts from his travels. A true cosmopolitan, Bartolommeo's love for literature from distant lands keeps his mind as well-dressed as his person.

Charlotte Savile

October 15, 1789
Charlotte Savile, next eldest in the family, dazzles the ton with her vivacious charm and candid disposition. Often seen returning from her spirited horseback rides, her slightly tousled appearance does nothing to diminish her renown as a jewel of the social scene. Her laughter and wit are her trademarks, endearing her to all, while her readiness to engage in playful banter with her brothers highlights her sharp intellect and deep familial bonds.

Lionardo Savile

August 1, 1790
The middle Savile sibling, Lionardo, is as dashing as he is daring. His flirtatious demeanor and penchant for dancing make him a staple at every ball, much to the whispered delight and dismay of the ton. Despite his reputation as a rake, Lionardo's protective instincts ensure that his siblings are always included in the festivities, sharing in the joy and mischief of the evening. His playful pranks on his younger siblings, Alice and Niccolo, and his bold challenges to his mother's authority, add a vibrant energy to the family dynamic.

Alice Savile

October 11, 1791
Alice Savile, the younger daughter, is a devotee of literature, influenced greatly by her brother Bartolommeo's encouragement. Her preference for books over fashion occasionally vexes her mother, but her knowledge and curiosity make her a captivating conversationalist. Known among her peers for her keen interest in the latest on-dits, Alice is a lively presence in the drawing rooms of London. Her favorite past time is curling up with  book in Fairhaven Estate's salon while her brother Niccolo's music fills the air.

Niccolo Savile

June 18, 1793
The youngest Savile, Niccolo, has inherited his mother's musical talent and her affection most profoundly. His early introduction to music has blossomed into a formidable skill at the pianoforte, often performing alongside his mother at grand events. Despite his youth, Niccolo's charm and musical talent make him a beloved figure in society, particularly admired by his sisters, whom he cherishes and protects with a maturity beyond his years.

The Sommer Family

In the refined circles of the English gentry, the tale of the Sommer family unfolds with a blend of tragedy and renewed hope. Lady Mariam, once blissfully married to Baron Kadam Sommer, faced profound grief when her husband succumbed to a vicious bout of malaria, leaving behind a young family. Their children, Paul, Alathea, and George, each bore the loss differently, shaped by their tender ages and individual temperaments. 

In a twist of fate befitting a novel, Lady Mariam found solace and eventually love with Kadam's younger brother, Naresh Sommer, further binding the two families through matrimony and the subsequent birth of two more sons, Kiran and Rahm. This union, while bringing joy, also introduced complex dynamics within the growing family, as they navigated their blended lineage against the backdrop of extensive travels across India, France, Prussia, Spain, and Africa due to Naresh's expansive business interests.

Thus, the Sommers, with their blend of old grief and new bonds, navigate their storied existence, each member contributing to the family's legacy against the rich tapestry of their social and familial obligations.

Paul Sommer

April 4, 1783
Paul, the eldest Sommer, struggled with his father’s premature death, a shadow that lingered through his youth. His relationship with his stepfather Naresh is fraught with tension, a quiet battle for the headship of the family. Despite these familial struggles, Paul has committed himself to continuing his father's philanthropic legacy, supporting charitable organizations and initiatives for the disadvantaged. His pursuit of a legal career is both a tribute to his father's wishes and a personal mission to effect positive change. In society, Paul's reserved nature and his eloquent manner have earned him respect, though he remains an enigmatic figure, preferring to focus on solving others' concerns rather than his own.

Alathea Sommer

October 26, 1787
Alathea, a mere year younger than Paul, harbors faint memories of her biological father. Her loyalty gravitates naturally towards Paul and her biological lineage, though she maintains a cordial, if somewhat distant, relationship with Naresh and her younger stepbrother Kiran. Yet, it is with Rahm, the youngest of the Sommer progeny, that she shares a deep and affectionate bond, often found riding with him through the countryside in companionable silence. A past romantic disappointment during a family visit to Spain—when her heart was broken over a musician deemed unsuitable by her mother and stepfather—deepened her commitment to the arts, her talents in dance becoming her solace and a spectacle at social events.

George Sommer

June 14, 1789
George, the youngest of Mariam and Kadam’s children, was too young to feel the sting of his father's death and embraced Naresh without reservation. This acceptance has occasionally put him at odds with Paul and Alathea, though the siblings strive for harmony. His closeness to his stepbrother Kiran, fostered in childhood, has flourished into a steadfast friendship, marked by shared mischief and mutual support in their social escapades. George’s musical evenings, where he plays the pianoforte, are a highlight for the family, often featuring pieces sourced by Kiran, demonstrating a deep familial connection that transcends their complex beginnings.

Kiran Sommer

September 17, 1792
Kiran, feeling somewhat peripheral in the family dynamics, often finds himself in the role of peacemaker, navigating the subtle undercurrents of rivalry and affection. Despite the familial tensions, he looks up to Paul and aims to emulate his stepbrother's legal aspirations. Known for his kindness and tendency to flatter, Kiran navigates social situations with a deft touch, his friendship with George providing both comfort and occasional comic relief through their youthful indiscretions.

Rahm Sommer

August 27, 1793
Young Rahm revels in the freedom of the outdoors, a stark contrast to the indoor predilections of his family. His early eagerness to join his siblings in riding was championed by Alathea, who insisted he be included and taught him the equestrian arts herself. This kindness forged a strong alliance between them, evident in their shared morning rides and Rahm's protective nature towards his elder stepsister at social gatherings. At the tender age of sixteen, with his father’s approval, Rahm took a bold step by purchasing a commission in the militia, eager to carve out his own path under the open skies.

The Winslow Family

In the esteemed circles of London's elite, the Winslow family holds a particularly dignified place, their narrative woven with both triumph and tragedy. Lord Walter Winslow, a colonel of great repute in his youth, and his wife, the accomplished Lady Jane, an enchantress of the musical arts, were the toast of the town in their early years. 

Their union was blessed later than societal norms dictated, but their passions for their respective pursuits—military and music—kept them well-ensconced in the favor of high society. It was only after several years that they were graced with children, who arrived one after another in quick succession. Tragically, the gallant Lord Winslow was taken from them in battle shortly after the birth of their youngest daughter, leaving Lady Winslow to shoulder the heavy mantle of both mother and father.

Thus, the Winslows navigate the complexities of societal expectations and personal aspirations, guided by the steadfast and talented Lady Jane. Respected and admired within the ton, they uphold the legacy of their beloved patriarch while forging their own paths, each contributing to the rich tapestry of their distinguished family history.
The Honourable

Harriet Winslow

December 21, 1787
Harriet Winslow, the eldest, emerged as a beacon of capability and grace within the ton. Celebrated for her sharp wit and creative spirit, Harriet possesses a cheerfulness that endears her to many. She assumes a natural leadership within the family, her role almost akin to a governess. Her guidance to her siblings is gentle yet firm, particularly in her role as mentor to her youngest sister, Lydia, with whom she shares a bond that transcends their years. She has a particular affinity for horseback riding, preferring the tranquil paths of the town gardens to the wilder countryside, finding joy in the serene pace of a gentle trot amidst nature’s splendor.
The Right Honourable Colonel

James Winslow

May 11, 1789
James, the eldest son, took to his studies at Eton with the same seriousness that he later applied to his military career, purchasing a commission to follow in the storied footsteps of his father. Though his demeanor is reserved, making him less conspicuous in boisterous social settings, James's steadfast nature and loyalty make him a pillar within the family. His relationship with Harriet is one of mutual respect and shared responsibility; together, they form the backbone of the Winslow family, steering their siblings through society with a careful blend of tradition and compassion. He rides frequently, a pastime inherited from his father, and shares in the responsibilities of leading the family alongside his mother and elder sister.
The Honourable

Francis Winslow

May 19, 1785
Francis Winslow, after his time at Eton, was drawn not to the military but to the church, pursuing scholarly endeavors at Oxford with the aim of becoming a country rector. His moral conviction is robust, and he is unafraid to voice his principles, often providing counsel to his siblings on matters of ethics and justice. His hope is to lead a simple, virtuous life, shepherding his parishioners with both kindness and rigor.
The Honourable Lieutenant

Paul Winslow

April 16, 1793
Paul, spirited and gregarious, briefly attended Oxford before the call of duty saw him enlist in the military, embracing the camaraderie and purpose he found there. His lively nature shines at social gatherings, where he is much celebrated for his dancing and charm. When not on duty, he is a fixture on the social scene, his presence almost guaranteeing a lively event. Among his siblings, Paul and Harriet share a particularly close relationship, their complementary personalities often making them the highlight of any social gathering.
The Honourable

Lydia Winslow

June 30, 1794
Lydia, the youngest, mirrors her mother in both talent and temperament. Under Lady Jane's nurturing influence, Lydia developed a profound love for music, mastering the pianoforte and harpsichord from a young age. Though naturally reserved, her musical soirees for close family and friends reveal a depth of passion and skill, her performances a private echo of her mother’s public concerts. Her relationship with Harriet is particularly poignant, as Harriet not only guides her in social graces but also in cultivating her musical prowess. Lydia's closeness with James, too, is deeply rooted in a shared understanding and mutual respect, as he helps her navigate the challenges posed by her shyness in public arenas.
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